[nu-shee] noun
the one-stop destination
where only the trendiest
pets shop


At Nooshie, we are here to elevate the pet shopping experience through a unique brand mix and trend led approach. Not only do we focus on love, the unbreakable bond between owner and pet and the importance that it plays in decision making, we also want to add some fun and style to all of your lives.....


Have you ever been online looking for something different, something to make you both stand out, and just been left uninspired?

Well that is about to change!

We are the ultimate pet platform with a tailored approach to solving problems of finding bespoke product and services whilst being unique, on trend, accessible and ecologically conscious.

By understanding emotional connections, we will source products you cannot live without. Our selection is vast, and growing daily as we uncover those little gems you never realised you needed.

We want pet owners to visit Nooshie to interact with their community, give and share advice and keep up to date with the latest trends and happenings.

We understand the individuality of every owner and every pet in their lifestyle requirements. You like to be on trend, and so does your bestie!

Nooshie, the home of Pet Trend that are considered, curated and made with love.