Armitage Litter Tray Liners – Large

  • Convenient and hygienic: These litter tray liners make cleaning your cat’s litter box quick and easy, reducing mess and improving hygiene.
  • Tear-resistant: Made from strong and durable materials, these liners are tear-resistant and will not easily break or puncture during use.
  • Compatible with most litter trays: These liners are designed to fit most large litter trays, making them a versatile and convenient choice for cat owners.
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Trade in messy treks back and forth with leaking liners and upgrade to the Litter Tray Liners from Armitage!

The nifty design of these cat tray liners makes disposal of soiled litter as pleasant and practical as possible. When your kitty’s tray needs emptying, bring the edges of the liner together and tie with the provided twist tie for hassle-free removal. It really is that easy!

Then, simply replace with a new liner, add your preferred cat litter, and you’re good to go!

These cat tray liners are far more hygienic than other cleanup methods and spare you from icky spills!

These liners fit trays up to 52cm x 40cm approx.

Litter-ally amazing!

Weight 92 g
Dimensions 27 × 12.5 × 29 cm

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Dimensions (LxWxH): 52x40x9 cm Unit Count: 6

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